Accountants, Tax Compliance and Planning

You want accurate business information, for today and the year ahead.

We help you get the business information you need, on time. We also make sure you meet your tax deadlines on time, every time.

First and foremost Bluett Byrne are accountants. If you have a company and you don’t need an audit, you will still need an accountant. There are many other reasons why your business needs to talk to us.

Reasons you need to be talking to us:

  • Giving you accurate accounts for Companies Office and Revenue filings.
  • Acting as your go-between with Revenue and the banks.
  • Helping you to prepare for and pass Revenue Audits without any additional tax bill.
  • Advising you on employment law and both employer and employee rights.
  • Keeping you up to date with the changes in tax legislation and deadlines.
  • Making sure you stay compliant.


Financing your business has become more of a challenge in the last few years. Banks now routinely insist on detailed projections and cash-flow forecasts. We can help you prepare a plan for the future growth of your business that will get a fair hearing from your bank. This will include both preparing projections, and helping you put them into operation.

Your questions answered

Running your business can be tough at the best of times. Having fast answers to your accounts and tax questions helps to cut down on the number of problems you have to deal with day to day. That’s where Bluett Byrne really shines with our dependable, personal and quick service.