In a changing business world, little stays the same for long. You need to know how you should react to the changes. It is a given that you want a fast and reliable tax and accounts service. You need to keep an eye on employment regulations too, deal with your banks to keep cash flow running smoothly, all the while planning for the future. You need help keeping up with your competitors.

That’s what we do every day for businesses like yours. If you are not getting an answer to that problem, phone us and we will deal with it on the spot. Dealing with us is easy. Typically you can have Bluett Byrne dealing with your accounts and tax affairs within a week.

All you have to do is

  • Phone or mail us
  • Call in to meet us for a chat,
    with no commitments or cost
  • Engage Bluett Byrne and let us do the work

We do the rest

  • Contact your existing advisers following the standard code of practice between accountants

  • Contact Revenue and arrange the change of tax advisers

  • We then start working for you; identifying the issues that are giving you most trouble; finding solutions to your problems.

  • We bring things up to date and keep them that way. So that you know you are compliant.

And you can relax…