How to: Avoid being selected for a Revenue Audit

Nobody wants the Revenue to come knocking on their door. In the last number of years though, the number of calls and letters Revenue have sent out has increased dramatically. While the number of full Revenue Audits dropped from 14,000 in 2010 to under 9,000 in 2013, the number of letters sent out looking for […]

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How to: Prepare for your income tax return

We are in the middle of the personal tax return season. Revenue will tell you to file on time. So you know the deadline is 31 October. But how do you go about preparing your tax return and getting it right? Have you claimed everything you should? Here are a few tips to put you […]

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How to: Prepare for a Revenue Audit

The best way to avoid being selected for an audit or review is to get yourself off the Revenue’s risk radar. If you are selected for a review, there are still things you can do to reduce the time, cost and tax exposure. Plan ahead: The time to start planning for a Revenue Audit is […]

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How to: Comply with Employment law

How to – Comply with employment law Employment regulations are important and useful all the time – not just when things go wrong. Their first and best use is to prevent problems happening in the first place. When there is a workplace issue, the rules make fixing the problem much easier. This is good news […]

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How to: Deal with Personal Bank Debt

How to: Deal with bank debt arrears The time when you could ignore your debt problem is over. Banks are now pushing for ‘sustainable’ debt settlements, in line with Central Bank guidelines. This can mean anything from extended repayment periods to asset sales. There may even be pressure on you to sell your home. Keep […]

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